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6Ts dates for your diary!

Resident DJs, Ady Croasdell, Butch, Keith Money, Joel & Tomas. All run on Saturday nights

Since lockdown we have gone from being oversubscribed for tickets, to being poorly attended. The last couple have been quiet; we know the people who went really enjoyed it – especially with the extra dancefloor space – but with West End costs, we can’t subsidise the dances indefinitely. It’s all a bit frustrating when we know we’ll be sold out for the anniversary.

Therefore, we have decided that to give the regular all-nighters a boost, we will start selling anniversary tickets at the all-nighters (from April onwards), in person only, up to and including the August one. If there are any left for sale after that, they will be sold by mail order from the following Monday on a first come basis. The first ones will go on sale at the April 2nd all nighter; one per attendee, £25 each, cash only.

It’s tough on people who only come to the anniversary, maybe for geographical or personal reasons, but we need to boost the regular nighters.

Upcoming dates for your diary

2022 dates

July 2nd, 11pm - 6am

Aug 20th, 11pm - 6am

Sept 24th,  Anniversary, 10pm - 6am

Oct 14th 8pm-1am Sean & Roger's memorial night

Nov 5th, 11pm - 6am

Dec 10th, 11pm - 6am 

Xmas Party Thursday Dec 22nd, 2022, 8pm - 1am

2023 dates

Feb 4th 2023
Mar 11th 2023
April 15th 2023
May 20th 2023
July 1st 2023
Aug 12th 2023
Sept 23rd 2023 anniversary 10-6
Oct 28th2023o
Dec 2nd 2023

6TS Early years revival
April 6th 2023  Easter Thursday 8pm-1am

Xmas Party
Dec 21st 2023 8pm-1am


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