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6Ts dates for your diary!

Resident DJs, Ady Croasdell, Butch, Keith Money, Joel & Tomas. All run on Saturday nights


21 April  
26 May (curated by Matt Bolton)  
18 August 
** 22 September - 39th Anniversary; ticket only-on sale at and from Aug nighter  
3 November (curated by Matt Bolton)  
1 December  
2018 Xmas party - 20 December 9pm-2am
In 2018, we’ve decided to cut down the frequency of the events.
We do have an additional 6TS on tour date at Pete Hollander’s Springfield all nighter in North Wales on 27th January and there will be the usual couple of Crossfire nighters, but the rare Northern Soul scene can’t support a nearly-monthly all nighter any more.
Depending on the crowds we will adjust accordingly next year; you come and we’ll run them – or not.
Many thanks to all those who have attended, it’s appreciated more than ever nowadays.

XFire All Nighters Venue 229 Gt Portland St

October 21st 2017

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We want to invite you to be part of our 6Ts rhythm and Soul Society. Be informed, be involved, pass it on, keep the faith!

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