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Dear Cleggster, Some weekend!

June 18th 2014:

Thanks to all who attended and supported the event so strongly. Within a couple of hours of arriving at the venue I was out of my despair; your attitude and spirit turned it into a hugely enjoyable event and amazingly, one of the best weekenders ever (certainly one of the most memorable).

Sandy & Greg
Copyright Chalky, used with permission

Lessons have been learned. By sticking rigidly to the licensing hours this year we can now go ahead with the 23rd 6TS Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender in 2015. The licenses will be applied for at the first opportunity and will be scanned and put up for all to see on the 6TS site so you can board your trains and boats and planes in complete confidence. Many people have said that the nighters were running longer than necessary anyway so I’m thinking 5 am on Friday, 6 am on Saturday and back to 2 am on Sunday. Let me know if you feel strongly against this please. Please refrain from any actions against Cleethorpes council, that would only cause problems for the future and if there is any redress to be had legally, I will fully investigate it.

Only a few people know that Sandy had a bad fall after the autograph session on Saturday night. I had tried to persuade her to have a drink but she stuck to orange juice but then had a freak fall off a pavement and landed on her face. There was a huge swelling and she was taken to Grimsby A&E where luckily she was seen straight away by a doctor who confessed to having 4,000 jazz LP and hence gave her his very best attention. It was bruising and the ice pack worked, so that the next day she just had a black eye which was quite easily concealed. She was an absolute trouper and refused to blame anyone, just got on with it as she and Greg had done all the week.

They stayed an extra day in London and I got them to Heathrow yesterday afternoon so I have not had a chance to start the refunds yet as I am back at my full-time job today. I will do the PayPals tomorrow and as many of the cheque refunds as I have cheques for on Friday; if you need the dosh urgently please let me know ady.croasdell@btinternet.com

Thanks to all who helped out and to the DJs who didn’t even murmur about losing half their spots (cheques in post Friday gents). I think unlike England we turned defeat into victory and it was all down to this exceptional scene of soul lovers and friends we have.

Thanks so much

Ady Croasdell



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