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darrow fletcher gig postponed

Unfortunately Darrow Fletcher was turned away at Chicago O’Hare airport on Tuesday night because his passport was too scruffy. It’s a new one on me, all the information was readable because he had scanned that and sent it over and we had got him his work visa through that information: that was not good enough for the airline people though.

He spent the whole of Wednesday in the passport centre and they issued it at the end of the day, by which time he was too late to make his standby flight. When he got to the airport they said he had missed today’s flight as well but could fly on Thursday evening, which of course gets him here on Friday morning, which means he can fulfil his appearances in Scotland and Yorkshire, but will be too late for the 100 Club tonight.

However we have been able to postpone it by a week, as the club is free on Thursday 8th November at the same 8pm-2am times. I apologise about the lateness of this postponement but we were hoping right up to midnight last night that he would make the plane (all this has just happened of course). This morning has been spent rearranging the event and now notifying everybody personally.

If you have bought tickets and cannot make next Thursday, we will send out a full refund, just let me know by email. If some friends can now come we will have a few extra tickets so they can purchase those over the next couple of days. If you were on the guest list and now cannot make it please let us know about that too.

I am particularly happy to have been able to rearrange the show for Darrow who was nearly in tears at the thought of letting down his fans and missing out on what will be a terrific night.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused and hopefully we can share a drink in celebration next Thursday.

If anyone is stuck in London tonight looking for soul music, I'll be heading to the Majestic soul night which is free and plays a wonderful across the board mainly modern with quite a few 60s soul set. It's at the Horse and Groom pub 28 Curtain Road EC2A 3NZ 6.30pm till at least midnight.

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