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JULY 2016 all-nighter cancelled

I’m sorry to bring you more bad news this week. We did not apply for the licence in time for this nighter and rather than go ahead with a 3am event, we felt it best to cancel it. We are hoping to move the DJ line-up to the August 20th date and in future Matt, Jeff at the club and I will all put the licence applications in our diaries well in advance. When it is accepted we will announce it to everybody as soon as we can so that travel arrangements will be made. I’ve asked Jeff to apply for the August 20th licence now.

It was my fault as I have to remind Jeff to apply and my reminder came up during Cleethorpes. In the general Cleggy mayhem I forgot to tell Jeff. As soon as we have the next licenses we will email notification out and post it up here, Soul Source and Facebook. If you are not on our mailing list yet, email me at ady.croasdell@btinternet.com

I realise some will have made arrangements to spend this Saturday night or even the weekend in London for the nighter. If you have bought train tickets in advance and don’t plan on coming down now I will refund the tickets if you send them to me at Flat 10, 108 Gt Titchfield St W1W 6SN. Feel free to email me about any matters arising from this too.

Many apologies


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