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2016 Dates

Horace takes a step back

Harboro Horace, aka Ady Croasdell, aka fish-face, has decided to put his feet up; actually just a couple of toes. 

Starting next year, two of the 6TS 100 Club all nighters will be run by Matt Bolton who is an experienced DJ and promoter, ever-present and knows a thing or two. He has been helping me immensely over the last couple of years. This is so i can have a bit more me time. I'm with-child on alternate weekends and usually run a nighter a month, so that only leaves me a weekend a month to myself. Getting Matt to run a couple, and me not DJing on those nights, will give me a break. I may even wander down and have a beer and a boogie; it'll be nice to have the choice. 

We had a few problems booking the club for 2016, some of the nights were booked up to May so we've ended up with a slightly skewiff programme. The January and April nights are midnight starts with a reduced £10 admission, it was that or miss those months completely.

There are still a couple of mouth-watering nighters booked for this year so come and join our European fratelli & hermanas in eleven days time; it'll be wunderbar!


Resident DJs, Ady Croasdell, Butch, Keith Money, Joel & Tomas
 All run on Saturday nights;
16th Jan 12am-6am
20th Feb 11pm-6am
2nd Apr 12am-6am
7th May 11pm-6am
 2nd July 11pm-6am
20th Aug 11pm-6am
37Th Anniversary Dance; 17th Sept 10pm-6am  
5th Nov 11pm-6am
3rd Dec 11pm-6am
Admission £12 On The Door except the midnight starts which are £10.
The September anniversary dance is by ticket only, details on www.6ts.info nearer the time.

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