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Jim Eddelston

I’ve just been told by his daughter Jessie that Jim Eddleston passed away yesterday.

6TS regulars may remember Jim as the gruff, but friendly, bouncer at the 100 Club in the 80s and 90s when he and Winston would meet and greet visitors in very different styles. I’d known Jim since the early days at Cheapo Cheapo records in Soho when he and his wife Mo would make the trip down from Lincoln in search of records and entertainment. We became firm friends and Jim and Mo were among the 150-200 who were there at the very first 6TS dance in August 1979. He ran his own dos around Lincs with varying amounts of success but always with great fun and hilarious escapades. He was actually an incredibly knowledgeable collector who passed on many first plays to DJs, especially later when R&B was big. He had the driest sense of humour and his stories of his antics kept me amused over the years - one of them involving a Hell’s Angel, his ex and a bedside table lamp still cracks me up.

Here's to Jim a real one-off.

Jessie asked me to pass on her mobile to anyone who needs to get in touch; as she rightly says “Jim wasn’t the sort of bloke to have an address book”. 07594522273

Jim is centre of photo verballing with Derek Pearson


From Ady


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