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Weekender Live Act 2016

The 6TS Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Society is pleased to announce that Maxine Brown will be our live US soul act for the Cleethorpes Northern & Rare Soul Weekender on June 10th-12th 2016.

Maxine needs no introduction to European soul fans; she is the only singer to have appeared more than once at our original Rare Soul weekender - the longest-running event of its kind. She was due to appear at the Crossfire weekender about four years ago but a serious illness, from what should have been a routine operation, meant she had to cancel and has taken some time to regain full health. That, she has done remarkably well, as I found when visiting New York last year with my grown-up family. Maxine serenaded us in song and with stories over a superb Italian meal. She is still full of talent and fun and will win the hearts of the Cleethorpes crowd as she has so effectively in the past.

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UPDATE: 13 May 2016

We are pleased to announce the addition of Modern Soul singer Ronnie Canada to the Modern Room entertainment. Ronnie will giving a P A at 4pm on the Sunday Afternoon performing some of his memorable soul songs from a long and varied career. The biography below explains what an influential singer he is. Ronnie Canada has enjoyed a long & varied life in the music biz over the last 40 years. Born in Cleveland, Ronnie made his start working with the likes of S.O.U.L. And Truth. From there, he became a member of Sly, Slick & Wicked in 1979. The group had landed a record deal with Carl Maduri's Sweet City and were slated to record a Dunn Pearson song “All I Want Is You”. Ronnie was selected as the lead singer on the song and so spent some weeks learning & rehearsing the song.

However, on the day the group went into the studio, group leader John Wilson decided he would take lead vocal duties and so the track was recorded that way. The cuts were licensed by Epic in the US and released to little reaction. However, here in the UK,
Modern Soul fans were soon searching out copies of the 45 and it soon took on anthem status.

Next up, Ronnie moved on, joining the Blue Notes who needed new members after splitting from Harold Melvin. Group members Larry Brown & John Atkins went all the way back to the
mid 60's (the group's “Get Out” period). The group had cut good tracks for Uni & Glades records (Florida: mid to late 70's) and were a popular live attraction when Ronnie joined their number. However, Harold Melvin wasn't happy that two sets of Blue Notes were out there and so he took legal action against the Florida based outfit. Wanting to move on, the guys changed their name to Caviar and with Ronnie on lead vocals they cut “Never Stop Lovin' You” for Survivor (1982). They cut more tracks at that time but these didn't escape until an album was put out by Boogie Time Records (France: 2009).

Next, Ronnie joined Omari and they had the popular “After Loving You” out on Bound Sound Records (1983). After Omari split, Ronnie went solo and cut "I Don't Believe It" which escaped
on AJ's Records (1987). Copies of this 12” sold well in the UK and that once again raised Ronnie's profile. Needing steady work, Ronnie went back into the group environment and he moved over to Europe where he started singing with the Platters and American Drifters.

These outfits were a top live draw across Europe but Ronnie wanted to get back into the recording side of things. So, he started to collaborate with people in the house & garage worlds, cutting for Tomohawk (1993/94) and Shaboom (2004). This work also resulted in him being used by various similar acts, Ronnie adding his vocals to tracks by the likes of Fabio Tosti, Audioplayerz and Darockwildas. So that brings us up to date. Ronnie, now resides in
Watford and keeps up his work in the music world.

[JOHN SMITH, May 2016]



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