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Weekender Live Act 2017

The 6TS Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Society is pleased to announce that Sidney Barnes will be our live soul act for the Cleethorpes Northern & Rare Soul Weekender on June 9th-11th 2017.

Download the 2017 Cleethorpes Weekender programme (PDF)

This Cleethorpes weekender will be the last one run by me. I’ve found it increasingly hard to handle the organising of the event (never a strong point!) and it’s tougher every year to find acts worthy of our stage; also the competition from other weekenders is off the scale. Luckily you lot are a terrifically loyal bunch and loads of you have rebooked not knowing who the hell will be singing, but knowing you’re going to have a great time anyway – witness the triumph of the “No Nighters” weekender of 2014.

But 25 events and being 65 years of age for me this summer means I will see if I can sell the business on to a sympathetic soul, who can handle the running better than me. There would be no point it going to a top 500 set-up as there are enough of those and you folk wouldn’t be arsed to attend such a do at a place with so many great rare soul memories.

I’ve had a few enquiries but been too rushed to attend to it properly; I’ll do that now so you can get the full story by June. I would be prepared to DJ and prop up the bar for any possible new promoter should they want me for a couple of years at least; hopefully that would make any handover more palatable to the regulars.

Like last year, this year we have gone back to an old favourite and friend, Sidney Barnes, who entertained us so fabulously way back in 2001. This time he is going to sing not only his own Northern hits like ‘I Hurt On The Other Side’, ‘Standing On Solid Ground’ and ‘Old Times’ but also a selection from his extensive songbook that he enriched ourmusical lives with. Songs like ‘Our Love Is In The Pocket’, ‘What Can I Do’-Billy Prophet, ‘Heart Trouble’ and ‘I’ll Bet You’ to name just a few.


NEWS UPDATE: Clarification about future weekenders


Saturday night passes available

Saturday all nighter passes 8pm-6am will be £28 cheque or £29 PayPal

Saturday day and nighter passes will be £35 cheque £36 PayPal

Cheques payable to
6TS Weekenders
10 Hatfield House
108 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 6SN
Or PayPal to ady.croasdell@btinternet.com

3 day weekend dance passes

If paying by cheque, please send £59.00 per person payable to 6T’s Weekenders:
10 Hatfield House, 108 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 6SN 
(Print and return the completed booking form and PLEASE enclose a SAE for your receipt)

If making your payment via PayPal, please send £61.00* per person to ady.croasdell@btinternet.com 
(*incs. paypal fee)

Don’t forget to include your party leaders name, address, telephone number and Email address when making payments.

Enquiries 020 7636 2622 or 07773019559

The on site accommodation is full, arrange your own at Thorpe Park next door  or B&Bs

Download the 2017 Cleethorpes Weekender programme (PDF)



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